Wireless Lavalier Recording Microphone


  • Mini Lavalier
  • Vlogginng wireless microphone
  • USB Type-C
  • Plug and Play
  • 360° Adjustable clip
  • Real time monitoring

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1. Type-C compatible Wireless microphone for mobile phone/tablet/computer, Clear voice quality with excellent sound for livestreams/video/interview.

2. Stable data transmission wireless lavalier microphone that uses for 2.4G wireless technology to complete high-speed,stable and reliable data transmission.The best transmission distance is within 15 meters in diameter, and the farthest transmission distance can reach 20 meters.

3. High quality sound microphone capsule with 16 bit, 48kHz sampling rate and a flat frequency response enhances intelligibility of vocals, depth and detail of the voice and ensures the performer’s sound resonates with the listener.

4. Real-time monitoring You can use a type-c earphones to connect the receiver or microphone to monitoring and play background music.♦♦Note: The Digital earphone cannot be monitored.

5. Mute function Press the mute button instantly and silently mutes the mic and the built-in LED indicator tells you the mic status.The red indicator light means mute, blue means the microphone is working.

6. One step to set up Simple plug & play wireless microphone. No need to pair the microphone and receiver,saves time for setting up the microphone in perfect performance. You can enjoy all the good stuff comes right out the box by taking one easy action.


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