Smart heating Cotton Vest

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  • Smart heating
  • Flexible thermal
  • 5 zone heating
  • 3 gear to control the themparature
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Please use mobile power. At the same time, our products do not include mobile power

Note: We recommend using 5V / 2A at
Ensure a good heating effect

1. Check the USB socket
2. Access to the treasury
3. Adapter on the switch for charging the external battery
4. Humidity temperature sensor on the humidity temperature sensor for 2 seconds

43 reviews for Smart heating Cotton Vest

  1. Devon Huntoon

    I gave five stars Bo vest looks nice and running. However, the description is not accurate, two rear heater are not placed at the bottom for height, kidney as sugerowałyby product pictures, but a lot of above, under arms. A little damage. Besides fine.

  2. Lakisha Mullenix

    Delivery about three weeks. While everything suits. How long will last-let’s see. At least we can not find such a price.

  3. Gérald Courbet

    entrega sobre el plazo. todo correcto vendedor recomendable

  4. Lisabeth Brennen

    Good vest, heats. In my opinion, more. Size M is suitable for L. Sent quickly. Recommend.

  5. Susann Masson

    The vest came quickly! Everything works fine! I took M to 44 female. A little loose.
    Under motorcycle equipment will be excellent!

  6. Maximilien Chopin

    The waistcoat warms came quickly to pay attention when ordering for the model there are with the deaf gate there is a Cape bought from this seller already 3 vests and two jackets.

  7. Derrick Sclafani

    It is a pity that the smallest size m. I wear Xs, in M drowned. But it works normally, three modes, everything is as stated in the description. Slightly coryavo sewed, not critical, because from the wrong side. Let’s see how it will be in operation.

  8. Lisabeth Brennen

    The size corresponds to 54 size on the T-shirt. Everything works delivery month. I advise the seller.

  9. Jaimee Harter

    no funciona!!, me llegó mal el que me enviaron.

  10. Dieter Krist

    On the height of 180 cm 70 kg took the size L, a little loose on the shirt, you can dress on a bike

  11. Alfredo Lamanna

    Alcohol stove burner anti-rust, heating Power is also good to use convenience but also good wit lid part waterproof lock is not in use after you left alcohol back processing problem remains the inconvenient will Powder roster spots but its Liaoning two larger size.

  12. Sigmund Bruckmann

    판매자가 쉬핑을 꾸물거리는 통에 배송 2주 걸림.
    100사이즈 입는데 M 사이즈가 딱 맞음.
    출력 1A짜리 구형 배터리도 사용 가능한데
    2A 배터리보다 덜 따뜻한 느낌이 듬…
    그런데 사용하다 30분정도 지나면 저절로 온도가 낮춰짐.
    며칠 써보니 10000A 보조 배터리로 대충 5시간정도 사용가능 했음.
    별 기대않고 걍 싼 맛에 샀는데 올해 알리에서 산거 중에 제일 나은 듯…

  13. Finn Junkermann

    I reached Moscow in 3 weeks. In the pocket there is a plug. There are 2 buttons on the chest. You can leave one side, back or front. Heats up to 43 degrees. Nice. If the review was useful, please put the line!

  14. Vladimiro De Angelo

    It works well, it gives its calorcite, I use it for work and it goes luxury. Need a powerful powerbank 20000 or so

  15. Klemens Totleben

    It’s long but. Does not close even if it is size 7xl

  16. Mammie Aguiniga

    Vest-fire! At the maximum as in the bath. With the size slightly missed. The table is correct, but you need to measure yourself in clothes! At its 48th size took L. Sits like a glove, but on a small layer of clothes. Inexpensive Paver works, but is cut off from thermal protection. I will experiment, I will add a review later.

  17. Ira Forster

    The goods came two weeks earlier, the size approached perfectly, heats well, thank you to the seller. Happy new year.

  18. Gérald Courbet

    Everything is fine! Works well, warm and cozy!

  19. Savannah Brotherton

    llego con menos zonas de calor de las descritas.

  20. Susann Masson

    Funciona bien. La talla es como 2 menos que en Europa…

  21. Coleen Dragon

    In many corners, the threads stick out, it scares, as if it were not separated. The Wire in the bank is also some kind of hilly. But everything works fine and does not seem to diverge. Keep in mind that if after turning off your vest does not turn on without turning off from the bank and re-turning, then it’s not in the vest, but in particular the work, The Heats, comfortable, the size approached perfectly.
    Vest and seller can be recommended.

  22. Ira Forster

    Me llegó antes de tiempo y funciona muy bien. Contento

  23. Jeremy pinot

    좋아요 배송도 빠르시고 앞뒤가 따로 공제가 되니 좋네요

  24. Benoît Cortot

    Qaulity つよい mode even the ょうひでんりょくが すく not become あたたかく faintly of the throat or so sexy
    Raving mode is the elephant as per your amps but Chii ゅう and not mode’s and why or quick りゅう いってん from the clean balance your just because your amp the much あいだ or, or the fu Fu bugger つかう so when the raving mode only it’s
    After nine area and is not sure though
    Well not to be without maidservant

  25. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    Ordered 11.11.21, and 24.11.21 received the parcel at the post office. Vest with heating 5XL for my height 182 and weight 91 kg. Approached the figure. But if you put on a double thermal underwear, then you need a larger size. Plugged in the power bank for 20000. All heating modes work. The warmest mode when the red button is on. Took for fishing. Tomorrow I’m going fishing, I’ll try, I’ll add. Vest quality, you can take. The seller Thank you very much.

  26. Alfredo Lamanna

    It works very BIUEN but a little fair in size

  27. Emma Carra

    All right

  28. Nour Hartman

    183cm 81kg’s quality in this little Big seemed to four key arrived shortly after test light year saw the well operation.
    The great to shipping days took four key

  29. Carla Poole

    Delivery 12 days Togliatti. Works. I took 5XL, 52 normally, if there is no abdomen.

  30. Della Drew

    Custom size 100 is a pear tree who came the dimensions above XXL buy please be as you who came to Anna is custom size buy Be seemed. Warm and nicer.

  31. Kathi Okamura

    As in description but it gives very little size

  32. Graham Rankin

    Excellent waistcoat, sorry only for the male silhouette-straight. For girls with a pronounced waist/hips is not very convenient-or at the waist hang, or in the hips Press (but then you can make a side seam).
    I took the size L, reading that they are small, but it fully corresponds to the seller’s size table, so I’m big. A little too big for the girl will be (at size L/48, or uk12-better to take the size m).
    My parameters: height 175, chest girth 97 (measured on a sports top and T-shirt), waist 81, hips 104 cm. For higher will be short, but not critical.
    The appearance is good, the threads do not stick out, the seams are normal in appearance. Lightning is weak, but it works. Connection to the power bank is also normal, the back and pockets warm, although how many of these heating elements there I still do not quite understand.

  33. Joseph Garreau

    The parcel came to the Nizhny Novgorod region for 15 days, the waistcoat warms, but the size needed a little more, but I think so, I recommend the seller

  34. Samirah Hood

    Sent immediately the next day, delivery took about 3 weeks. The vest went perfectly. At our 50 size take XXL do not mistake. Heats perfectly, already tried on fishing. At maximum power (Red mode) eats about 9 watts (1.8A) from the bank, it really becomes hot. On average 6 W, on small 4.5 W. Let’s see how long it will last…
    Seller Thank you!

  35. Enrique Lutz

    Греет, все режимы работают, как дальше будет видно позже, доставка быстрая.

  36. Rosalie Robertson

    Received in the promised time. Heats. If under the sweater, it’s hot. At 52 size took XXXL, approached.

  37. Verline Cordon

    The vest came quickly, delivery to fastomat. Ordered 3XL, at my 50 size and height 180 back to back, but took for the spouse, she has 46, freer, you can wear a sweater. Heats well, 3 modes, the material is certainly cheap, but we are not on the way out, took fishing. For such a price the most it! The heating places are small, but I think it will be enough. Seller recommend!

  38. Jaqueline Phipps

    Nice vest, it is XS size, good for girl, work not with every powerbank – it is needed to press both buttons on powerbank and vest

  39. Zoraida Swick

    Immediately could not turn on after communication with the seller figured out. The device is excellent. Took under it, the bank 30000. Works fine. Shop and seller recommend

  40. Emma Carra

    Very good, warm and nice thank you

  41. Derrick Sclafani

    정낭동작 잘 됩니다.
    키 175에 가슴둘레 105정도 몸무게 83키로정도 되는데
    사이즈 잘 맞네요~

  42. Craig Piro

    The business top
    Shipping fast, four key
    Battery must be purchased separately.

  43. Dastan Nurbolatev

    faire attention la batterie n’est pas incluse qui est précisé bien plus bas!

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