Mast Tour machine with Power supply and Cartridge

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  • Take Universal cartridges
  • Powerful tattoo device
  • Semi-permanent make up
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Professional Tattoo Pen Machine Mast Tour Set Tattoo Kit Rotary Pen Permanent Makeup Set LCD Power Supply
Machine Characteristic:
Net Weight: 82g
Working Voltage:5-8v
Continuous, quiet, and gentle operation
Custom Mast coreless motor
Note:Please keep the pen working under 8V to protect the rotary system and the motor

Power characteristics 
1. Coil machine and motor machine mode can be used, easy to control two types of tattoo machine; 
2. Two kinds of work mode selection: First, the pedal when the pedal control switch. When the pedal is not connected, press the voltage control knob down to control the switch, Can work without pedal, saving time and effort.Perfect for permanent makeup work
3. Stable and durable, long hours of work does not heat, to ensure a steady stream of power output. 
4.Portable LCD Power

Cartridge Needles Characteristic:
Dragonhawk Mast Cartridges, Fast rebound, E.O Gas Sterilized. One piece needle allows for maximum stability and control Indentation at tip enhances ink flow and saturation. Membrane mechanism prevents ink spitback
Needles made of 316 grade stainless steel. Compatible with all popular pen machine and cartridges grips High toughness silicone rebound maintains its original flexibility and strength with long time work.

12 reviews for Mast Tour machine with Power supply and Cartridge

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  2. Branda Goshorn

    For the time being all right when I try I will comment

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  5. Windy Milnes

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  7. Carla Poole

    I haven’t checked yet. Hope works

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  12. Antonio Levine

    Пришло быстро чуть больше недели . Пока все хорошо , работает ровно тихо , вибрация ощущается

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