Induction LED HeadLamp with Built-in Battery

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  • 6 light mode + induction
  • Built-in battery flashlight
  • Head torch
  • Two lights option
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Product Description
LED lamp beads: 3W led 200lm Touch switch: strong light -> medium light -> long press and fast flashing, sensor switch Battery type: polymer lithium battery 1200mah Working voltage: 3.0V-4.5V Waterproof rating: IPX4 (not soaked in water) Body material: silicone Charging time: 3 hours (First gear) COB highlight: 350 lumens, lighting time 2.5~3H (Second gear) COB low light: 130 lumens, lighting time 3.5~4H (Third gear) XPE highlight: 120 lumens, lighting time 4~4.5H (Four gears) XPE low light: 50 lumens, lighting time 6*6.5H Battery capacity: 1200mAH Product weight: 97G Packing method: color box Product accessories: lamp, silicone strap, charging cable, white box Wholesale quantity Packing quantity: 120 pcs/carton box gauge: 38*31*23CM Single box size: 10 x 6*4cm weight: 15 grams The red light flashes to indicate that the battery is insufficient, please charge it in time to avoid damage to the battery and affect the battery life efficiency
The above data is for reference only, subject to factory inspection data About Adapting Charger European plug (EU) is sent by default If you need other specifications, please note the US regulations (US), British regulations (UK), Australian regulations (AU)6 light mode + induction Upgrade Yellow XPE or Blue XPE:

88 reviews for Induction LED HeadLamp with Built-in Battery

  1. Gianmaria De Sario

    Lantern space!!!! I’m delighted! I will call again, for a gift a super thing. Turning on the movement is super. Three options of light bright, weaker, side led.

  2. Jannette Wilmes

    Самый лучший налобный фонарь в мире! Просто поясок на голову и всё. Ничего на нём не болтается, ничего не мешает, ничем не цепляешься, не запутываются всякие лямки. Большой плюс, что заряжается и не нужно менять батареи. Включение взмахами – вообще супер! Короче, я очень доволен

  3. Andrea Xiong

    Good, bright, comfortable. I recommend the goods and the seller. The lantern came loaded. Delivery 2 weeks came to especially pleased with the tipe C connector. the motion sensor works perfectly.

  4. Wendelin Jonas

    Good headlamp. Fully corresponds to the description. The goods are satisfied. It remains to experience in work. In the prescribed period of delivery laid down, came without damage. Thanks to seller for fast shipment. I advise you to purchase.

  5. Anacleto Adornetto

    Ordered local delivery-4 days. Fully corresponds to the reviews! Take it, you will not regret it. As the Lantern will test, the future owner himself-I will complement the review.

  6. Craig Piro

    Everything is super, it works cool, bright, 3 modes and a cover-box is reliable!

  7. Lluciano Marcos

    This Headlamp is really cool. It is lightweight and convenient. Very bright light.
    The Seller is friendly and responsible – I recommend it.

  8. Niam Mullins

    It came quickly, packed in a box and a package. By the lighting: The apartment is blind, excellent lighting; on the street in the evening-a couple of meters. For point lighting light is enough, if you take for running, then look for another lantern. Brightness can be adjusted only by one tone, works separately front and side light, can be turned on together.

  9. Renesmae Knapp

    Первые впечатления – супер! Можно как на лоб, так и на шею. Мягкий, эластичный, яркий, легкий. Регулировка ремня окружности, запоминает последний режим. Всего режимов пять – стандарт лента, пониженный лента, стандарт боковой фонарь, пониженный бок фон, оба фонаря мигают на максимальной яркости (удерживать нажатой кнопку вкл). Режим «без рук» отлично работает – и включает, и выключает. В комплекте шнур Тайпси – стандарт 21 года. Такой фонарик будет отличным подарком и себе, и друзьям, лишь бы долго работал. Скорее всего закажем ещё. Доставлено относительно быстро – три недели до Москвы.

  10. Branda Goshorn

    Large lamp and what cercavo. Exaggerated recommended light thanks to the seller

  11. Miriam Perry

    The flashlight is bright. Came in about a month. Compact storage case. Chargers included.

  12. Efan Wharton

    -This recommendation by ence. Really nice ~

  13. Demarcus Mcmullen

    The flashlight costs its money, it shines very bright. until I checked for how much the batoreyki is enough.

  14. Aamir Boyd

    До Новосибирска за 18 дней. Коробочка слегка помялась , но сам фонарь не пострадал.
    Сам фонарь приятный тактильно. Удобно сидит на голове. Слегка греется… Боковой фонарь (XPE) если одеть ровно – светит не по центру. Но им и пользуешься не часто. Да и повернуть можно немного по оси – настроить центр. Основной же фонарь (СОВ) просто идеален для работы. Свет рассеивается равномерно и блики от объектов минимальны. Заказывал с минимальным комплектом (полный дом зарядок) только с проводом.
    С учетом купонов обошелся в 430р. Покупкой доволен!

  15. Emma Carra

    Nice flashlight. It shines very bright. All as in the description.

  16. Gage Edmonds

    Excellent goods, quality, the case is quite rigid, quality materials, shines brightly. I recommend to buy.

  17. Valtena Amodei

    обалденный фонарь, очень яркий, работает все исправно.

  18. Marchelle Dowden

    The goods are good, I do not know how much the charge is enough, but in general everything is good, the power supplies and cigarette lighter are cheap, but the most important case is the case

  19. Maximilien Chopin

    Very good quality works very well it is automatic and manual enter into the dark and lights fabulous lighting a lot

  20. Dieter Krist

    The parcel was delivered for a very long time. 60 days and delivery to mist. There was no news of her for more than a month. Even strange, TC on reviews to buyers came quickly. So originally decided to remove the ball or two. But when I got my decision changed. The order was in a small compact package purple. In it a box with a flashlight and a separate memory. I liked the headlamp myself. Pleasant to the touch. Convenient adjustment. It seemed to me very bright glow (has 3 modes). And of course the chip is a remote turn-on hand. Very good and this is not advertising. Of course, you need to check the lantern for time. Nona primary stage all is well. The seller is highly appreciated for a good lantern and recommendations.

  21. Daanyal Shepard

    Great flashlight! Everything according to the description of 4 modes. 2 tape bright/dull; 2 side diode bright/dull. There is a second button that turns on the “movements” mode, after turning on and off on the swing of the hand. Convenient! Took for jogging in the evening, for the winter. Even without removing the gloves, just wave his hand and everything is OK! Took for 670 rubles, + additional paid 70 rubles. For express delivery, delivered to St. Petersburg for 4 days, courier to the apartment!!!! The quality is excellent. This money is definitely worth it. Definitely recommend!

  22. Fritz Filippi

    Пришло за 1,5 месяца, через сбер логистик, соответствует описанию, все режимы работают, светит хорошо, покупкой доволен

  23. Sarina Santos

    I’m a kind of fan of Xiaomi products. This flashlight did not disappoint!!! Everything is thought out to the smallest detail! And the brightness is simply dazzling purchase is satisfied.

  24. Carla Poole

    The product came in record time to Peru very well packed and top quality all the packages I ordered 3 lanterns and came excellent I highly recommend to the seller

  25. Adella Tarry

    Awesome headlight, very useful for various activities. 5 mode of lighting, COB high, COB low, XPE high, XPE low and strobe mode. Additional induction sensor for easy on/off lighting so you wont blind other people. USB C charging port, lithium battery, silicone/rubber material that feels soft and comfortable on head. Adjustable strap that fits almost every size head out there. Bought one with a cheap hard case with foam insert that does a good job of protecting.

  26. Franchesca Schwebach

    To Moscow in 6 days. The courier brought home. Lanterns class. Ordered a pair. Second as a gift. The white light is very bright. Immediately charged, up to a full about 1 hour. I’ll see how much charge is enough. Highly recommend.

  27. Andrea Xiong

    Фонарь классный! Светит на полную мама не горюй!)) И на голове сидит удобно.

  28. Durante Sciara

    Comfortable, elastic, bright. Nice lantern. 2 lights, each has 2 brightness and blinking modes, there is a non-contact turn on, it is convenient. Thank you!

  29. Micael Montes

    There was a parcel to Kiev exactly 60 days. The flashlight is cool, it shines very well and bright. The sensor works instantly. The only thing confused me is how the input for charging closes-it will be dirty and wet, although the material itself is oooochen good, I really did not expect this! Definitely recommend! The quality is excellent. How much light does not measure

  30. Benoît Cortot

    Order Nov days order in November day arrival
    Goods received by confirming the saw used
    Beyond Okey
    Price and arm buttons decent stuff this dish ^^

  31. Gérald Courbet

    Lampka czołowa świeci bardzo dobrze, jest mocna i to bardziej niż potrzebowałem także duży plus.
    Czujnik ruchu działa bardzo dobrzre. Polecam

  32. Cassey Odle

    Lighting with quite intensity.
    The hands-free system works very well but it also activates if you get close to something.
    I ‘ve tried it for over an hour and it still has battery.

  33. Roderick Roth

    The lantern came in a small box that was packed in a transport bag. Everything works. Two brightness modes per led Type plus gesture control. Everything suits. The beam shines in the direction of view. Later I’ll check how to work with him in tight places. The light is cold white and blue.

  34. Windy Milnes

    Class flashlight. Delivery shvidka. 3 The seller is not responsible for all-it’s not bad enough. Duge of goods: compact, unbroken robots do not menche trioch Godin, it’s easy to charge. Dovoli bright, seasonal. I recommend yak selling such a product.

  35. Niam Mullins

    Compliant Quality product fast respected delivery

  36. Efan Wharton

    Description fully corresponds, delivered to Moscow in 3 days!!!

  37. Eleri Barnes

    Lantern fire ordered the second son in the work is very convenient mainly use in the place of carrying when car maintenance

  38. Alisa Watts

    Perfect fast delivery material according to its description
    Good quality packing
    I recommend +++++

  39. Néo Lortie

    Very fast delivery.  It took less than a month for the product to arrive at my address.  I am very satisfied with the product and intend to order again.  The product fits the description and I hope there will be no problems.  I recommend the product and the seller.

  40. Rudolf Kirsch

    It was about a month before Minsk. The goods are satisfied. Everything works.
    Packing good all whole.

  41. Demarcus Mcmullen

    The product is according to the features of AD. The lights are very strong to be impossible to look in your directions. Extremely lightweight. Recommend.

  42. Germain Beaumont

    Up to Krasnodar 15 days, shines adequately, 2 modes at each source of the tape and lens, on the head on comparison with the housing lights sits comfortably. How the green LED lights up. At the time of review, it burns 60 minutes on the tape at the maximum, later when the fullness of the time of the glow will complement the review!!!

  43. Gage Edmonds

    The product match advertised, have 4 kinds of light and sensor to turn on and off with the hand movement works well. Not used in practice so not know about battery life. First print good. Arrived in Florianópolis in 20 days.

  44. Coleen Dragon

    Delivery fast 10 days, everything corresponds exactly as in the photo. Quality is decent, quality materials, pleasant to the touch. It shines very bright! I’m happy with the purchase. Took for 815 rubles. Full Kit

  45. Alisa Watts

    Item fully matches the description. Shipping to Ukraine takes 26 days. quality is good. VERY BRIGHT! has touchless on / off switch! you just need to wave your hand over it!
    WARNING! junky power supply, do not order it – complete garbage.

  46. Néo Lortie

    Flashlight class. Lights up a large area and shines brightly.

  47. Speranzio Bartolone

    пришло в Хабаровск ровно за месяц, качество отменное, светит очень ярко

  48. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Nice lantern. Very bright. Recommend

  49. Marchelle Dowden

    The quality is excellent, it shines bright, let’s see how many will live on the building with everyday use.

  50. Derrick Sclafani

    Very good product, works perfectly. The lights they have are very good lighting.

  51. Lanie Edwin

    Super fast delivery. 9 days from order and receiving. The light are really bright. Recommended

  52. Winston Hyde

    excellent product. works well, very lightweight and versatile.

  53. Starr Lheureux

    пришло за 4 дня через пятерочку, отличный фонарь, светит ярко, есть два режима свечения яркий и в половину, если минуту светит один режим то следующее нажатие выключает фонарь, а не переключает режим, в целом доволен покупкой.

  54. Takako Ream

    Apparently good product. Without charging it much light. Now we have to try in the woods or in the street. It’s small and light. Highly recommended. No need to contact the seller. Tracking package correct. Attached photos of all product

  55. Rosalie Robertson

    It’s my second order. It works well so I bought a second one for a friend. Charging time 3 hours, more or less 1h autonomy at 100% . Received in Belgium within 10 days. I’m delighted.

  56. Mahi Reid

    They light a lot. I tested the power buttons and the sensor when passing the hand and it works perfectly. The usb c charging port is missing.

  57. Mammie Aguiniga

    Good product. At this point, I am very satisfied with my purchase. To confirm after A long time use.
    . 4 lighting modes (2 on the headband, 2 on the projector). The headband is very powerful for its size, more than the projector. It offers a good visual coverage, very wide.
    On each, 2 lighting powers. But it is not possible to turn on the headband + the projector together.
    . For charging the battery, a red led indicates charging and switches to green the finished charge.
    . The product is excellent for night DIY. As well as for a camping admission.
    . For the Night walk too.
    Duration headband lighting checked has its maximum power: 2h10. The red led flashes quickly shortly before the whole goes off.
    . The hand motion sensor is very convenient to use. The only drawback I found him is to trigger it if we pass very close to an object. But it is possible to force in continuous ignition.

  58. Kathi Okamura

    • Wonderful torch, it’s all I need to do stuff at home.
    • It can literally see things I never saw before.
    • Lightweight.
    • Best torch I’ve ever had.

    • The charging input is not specified.
    • The USB-C socket is kind of deep, so some USB-C cables might not fit very well.
    • The battery seems to be unremovable.

    Extra info:
    • While charging, the light is RED.
    • When it is fully charged, the light is GREEN.

  59. Diedra Spath

    The frontal part is bright, and the dot Lantern shines like that high, although it can just put on so

  60. Benoît Cortot

    Прикольний, яскраво світить.
    Напевно замовляю ще один.

  61. Alpha Um

    Packing is crumpled, but the goods are whole and serviceable.
    I liked the functionality very much

  62. Susann Masson

    Delivery is super fast lightning. the quality of the fan surprised me the rubber soft pleasant to the touch shines brighter than what I already have. take recommend.

  63. Micael Montes

    The goods came in good packaging. The quality of the goods itself is good. Let’s see how it will work.

  64. Gage Edmonds

    As described. Delivered to Belgium within 7 days which is really appreciated. The lightning at 100% is really strong. In the attached pictures the wooden door is 8 meters away. Although the result on the pictures is corrected by the phone (it’s a bit darker through humans eyes) I’m really satisfied by this project and I recommend this seller.

  65. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Товар пришёл за 3 недели! Только номер трека изменился, поэтому не отслеживался. Фонарь мне очень понравился: хорошая резина, лёгкий, сделан аккуратно, светит ярко. Два режима у каждого фонаря. Датчик включения взмахом. Вопрос: на сколько хватит батареи?! В остальном всё отлично! На фото-освещение лентой в абсолютно тёмной комнате.

  66. Starr Lheureux

    Delivery to Nizhny Novgorod 23 days… Lantern fire and very bright. Bulb and ribbon are not included together

  67. Jaimee Harter

    Class, for close works, next to yourself. Fishing, soldering, car repair.

  68. Liberatore Accordino

    In general, the theme, very comfortable light and does not interfere, I do not know how much the battery will last, but in general I’m happy with it as an elephant, in the car

  69. Fritz Filippi

    The flashlight is very good, I recommend

  70. Carla Poole

    Great flashlight needed. For your money, it’s just a gun!! Order and do not think, the only quality of the plastic case is not straight wow, next time I will order in the fabric!) the 2nd button includes the light activation function by hand, just press the power, the indicator due to the Lightning will turn red, then the second button and the indicator light will turn green-red and just hold your hand at the location of the buttons and the light will turn on or off.

  71. Thibault Silvestre

    Very bright. I’ll test to see how long it lasts. Very quick to Australia as well, 9 days.

  72. Korey Wu

    The quality is excellent, it shines bright, it is convenient to work.

  73. Maximilien Chopin

    Excellent Product, visibility at the top ++ light we do not even feel it +++

  74. Fukumoto Shusake

    The lantern is just a bomb! Excellent case, good quality, rubberized case, convenient power-on function by motion sensor. The battery does not hold very long, but it’s generally clear.

  75. Patty Balser

    The flashlight came quickly, ahead of time. Packing whole. Thank you seller!

  76. Fukumoto Shusake

    Sieht sehr werig aus… Mit usb c laden… Passt

  77. Efan Wharton

    очень лёгкий, удобный, сколько держит заряд пока не понятно, работать с автомобилем очень понравилось, не за что не цепляется, доставили курьером до двери. Продавцу, спасибо.

  78. Valtena Amodei

    Hi guys. Ordered this lantern on September 28th. Got it on Oct 22nd. I did not communicate with the seller. But sent fast. At 100% corresponds to the description. I liked it very much. The detector works fine. Very bright for its dimensions. Especially the tape. In the workshop will be an excellent assistant. How much does the charge hold until I can not say. But I can advise everyone to buy.

  79. Roderick Roth

    шикарный удобный фонарь, работать с авто оч. удобно. на улице в темноте все отлично светит, а самое главное, не замечаешь его присутствия на голове, можно активно двигаться и он не сползает.

  80. Kemberly Roza

    Everything works. It came quickly. The little things have Newans. But in general for this money fire. Took for pokatushki on the bike at night. Not yet.

  81. Sigmund Bruckmann

    Great flashlight, you can not think of better. Everything works, it shines very well, depositions everything around. Take it will not regret it

  82. Lluciano Marcos

    The order went to Mosk OBL 2,5 weeks. Very comfortable lantern, on the head is almost not felt. Each lamp (point and led) has 2 modes of operation. It is not yet clear whether it is possible to change the battery. In all the rest-some pluses

  83. Wendelin Jonas

    Super flashlight very strong light and very good workmanship.

  84. Gianmaria De Sario

    Perfect same as description arrived in Italy quickly all ok, tested and makes much light excellent lamp for working.
    Seller Super recommended and reliable and serious Thanks a lot.

  85. Lisabeth Brennen

    As it is comfortable and the sensor makes it much easier and more when hands are busy or dirty, light for me great, it has power, in my opinion it is normal to warm a little but so far it does not affect me, good article, recommended

  86. Emmanuel Gillie

    I order the second time, now there is a small chemical smell, but not significant. It shines perfectly. Everything is super.

  87. Nour Hartman

    Delivery to Irkutsk month! Flashlight is excellent!!! Lighting is voluminous! But it is necessary to get used to when turning on the movement of the hand — you forget — you spent a hand — it died… once again — turned on!!! Battery has not yet been measured for the duration of work —- but I will check — I will add!

  88. Marlen Akhmetov

    Cool shines

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