100Pcs Silicone Disposable Ink Cups

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  • Damage free your needles
  • Easy ring tattoing
  • Disposable Ink cups
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100Pcs Silicone Disposable Yellow Ring Tattoo Ink Cup

1. Disposable, superior-quality, durable and excellent for use.

2. Clear ink cups for professional tattoo artists exercises or home use and perfect for being used to hold pigment or ink for tattoo.

3. It is small and convenient for you to use when you just wear it on your fingers.

4. With the open design, it is suitable for different hands with different sizes.

5. Quick, easy and no mess to clean up. Function: Used for either eyelash extension glue, primer, gel remover or permanent make-up pigments Used to wear on your finger when doing the eyebrow tattoo work. Convenient to use the glue or other colors. Compact and lightweight. Grafting eyelash glue ring suitable for the cilia teachers use, more quick and easy to do the eyelash extensions work.

57 reviews for 100Pcs Silicone Disposable Ink Cups

  1. Niam Mullins


  2. Alpha Um

  3. Moriya Masanobu

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  7. Maximilien Chopin

  8. Kemberly Roza

  9. Alfredo Lamanna

  10. Verline Cordon

  11. Rosalie Robertson

  12. Germain Beaumont


  13. Rosalie Robertson

  14. Isadora Heer

  15. Lakisha Mullenix

  16. Liberatore Accordino

    I’m coming too fast!

  17. Savannah Brotherton

  18. Emma Carra

  19. GĂ©rald Courbet


  20. Lelah Pelosi

    Terrific Goodyear

  21. Armaan Ellison

    Arrived very fast! Satisfied! Thank you!

  22. Aliya Fernandez

  23. Derrick Sclafani

  24. Maariya Kramer

  25. Ira Forster


  26. Clarita Pursell

  27. Shanda Gatling

  28. Chae Jiang

  29. Gianmaria De Sario

  30. Winston Hyde

  31. Diedra Spath

    Good product

  32. Patty Balser

  33. Gage Edmonds

  34. Armaan Ellison

  35. Verline Cordon

  36. Anacleto Adornetto

  37. Alpha Um

  38. Aasiyah Haney

  39. Reiko Jeanlouis

  40. Della Drew

  41. Debbie Tanner

    Come quickly. Silicone good.

  42. Lanie Edwin

  43. Demarcus Mcmullen

  44. Lluciano Marcos

    I’m coming too fast!

  45. Rudolf Kirsch

  46. Armaan Ellison

  47. Emmanuel Gillie

    Arrived very fast! Satisfied! Thank you!

  48. Ellie Julius

  49. Mahi Reid

    Terrific Goodyear

  50. Roderick Roth

  51. Sigmund Bruckmann

  52. Windy Milnes

  53. Samirah Hood

  54. Rosalie Robertson

    Come quickly. Silicone good.

  55. Lelah Pelosi

  56. Yuvraj Wolf

  57. Aliya Fernandez

    Good product

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