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Our products are shipped directly from the supplier to you. This unique business model allows us to save enormously on storage and transport costs, and we can offer the products at a lower price than our competitors and bear the shipping costs ourselves.
The average delivery time is therefore usually 12-15 days, but with delays due to traffic and coronavirus, it can sometimes be longer.


All products displayed on Lalashopey are sold by independent third-party sellers. Lalashopey is neither the buyer nor the seller of the Seller’s Items. Lalashopey is the platform provider that enables merchants and customers to complete transactions. Accordingly, the relationship established in the contract created upon completion of the sale of these third-party products is solely between the customer and the seller. Lalashopey is not a party to the creation of this contract and assumes no responsibility arising out of or in connection with the contract. We do our best to ensure that the products you purchase from Lalashopey are of high quality, that they meet the requirements of all relevant rules and regulations and that they correspond in every material respect to the product description displayed on Lalashopey. We monitor our sellers’ delivery processes and customer feedback assigned to products sold on Lalashopey, but we have no direct control over the individual products or deliveries of products sold on Lalashopey. We receive your payments on behalf of the seller and are also the ones who reimburse you on behalf of the seller any amounts to which you are entitled. Your payment will be processed by Lala-shopee.com ¬†and will be passed on by us to the relevant retailer(s) as payment of the amount owed by you to each retailer. Further instructions are provided in the relevant chapters of Lalashopey FAQ. Such instructions may be amended from time to time and you may or may not be notified. You understand and agree that such instructions form an integral part. Warranty conditions are product dependent and are therefore offered with the relevant product or by the relevant seller.

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We take care of the shipping costs of each order. All our products are delivered to your home 100% FREE!

If you have ordered an item from us, you can track your package after a few days.

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